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Influencing the green transition

A healthy, safe and diverse workplace

Fair, professional and responsible corporate governance

Green transition and social responsibility as a driving force

Climate and environment

A leading player in the green transition and circular economy

Social responsibility

A healthy, safe and diverse workplace and value chain - and a positive player in local communities

Ethical business management

Fair and professional corporate governance with zero tolerance for unethical behaviour

Sustainability and responsibility are key pillars in the Group’s strategic development. We want to be known and recognised for sustainable solutions throughout the construction lifecycle.

We recognise the significant impact of construction on climate and the environment and want to promote more ambitious framework conditions for the industry, while at the same time working to limit our negative impact as much as possible.

Our sustainability strategy is based on the holistic approach of ESG (Environment-Social-Governance) and includes broad efforts in areas such as climate, environment, circular economy, employees, social conditions in the value chain and local communities, and corporate governance.

Our approach to sustainability is data-driven. Reliable data is essential for us to take action where we can make the biggest difference. All business units in the group measure and report on ESG data, which is consolidated at group level and reported in the annual sustainability report.

Selected objectives 2025

16 %

Reduction of CO2 in own operations (scope 1 and 2) compared to 2022

16 %

Reduction of CO2 from purchased materials (scope 3) compared to 2022

75 %

Waste prepared for recirculation

50 %

Revenue from sustainability certified projects

8 >

Accident rate (accidents per 1 million working hours)

30 %

Women in salaried positions (5% women in hourly paid positions)

Sustainability report

View the Group's latest sustainability report here and find the previous reports in the archive.

Latest report

Sustainability strategy

Green transition and social responsibility are catalysts for a profound development of the construction industry. At MT Højgaard Holding, we welcome this development, and sustainability themes play a central role in our strategy for the Group’s future development. We structure our sustainability strategy according to the holistic ESG approach, which includes climate and environment, circular economy, employees, social conditions in the value chain and local communities, and corporate governance.

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Sustainability governance

At MT Højgaard Holding, we continuously work to rethink and adapt our business practices to reflect new national and EU requirements and ensure that we have a positive impact on the framework for societal development. The sustainability management structure ensures responsible and transparent decision-making processes and that the sustainability strategy and activities meet the group’s ambitions and support the business in the best possible way.

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If you would like more information about our sustainability strategy and reporting, please contact

Trine Lyng Madsen

Head of Strategy and Sustainability


For inquiries about sustainability issues on specific projects or construction sites, please contact the Group's business units directly.