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Who are we?

Responsibility for investor and analyst relations lies with Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Rasmus Untidt. Questions and inquiries can be directed to

MT Højgaard Holding is a leading construction group in Denmark. With an investment in MT Højgaard Holding, you invest in a company that for more than 100 years has carried out large and complex projects within new construction, renovation, infrastructure and green transition. You also invest in a group whose goal is stable, profitable growth in the coming years.

MT Højgaard Holding is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

MT Højgaard Holding regularly and simultaneously informs all market participants about relevant matters, results and planned and expected developments based on the rules applicable to listed companies at any time and MT Højgaard Holding’s own IR policy.

IR policy

Annual report

View the Group's latest annual report here and find previous reports in the archive.

Latest report

Expectations for 2024

In 2024, MT Højgaard Holding expects to improve operating earnings for the sixth consecutive year. We expect 2024 revenue in the range of DKK 10-10.5 billion compared to DKK 9.8 billion in 2023. We expect operating profit (EBIT) in the range of DKK 400-425 million compared to DKK 389 million in 2023. The outlook is robust to market fluctuations as approximately 85% of the Group’s expected revenue was already contracted in the first quarter. The financial outlook for 2024 is subject to risks and uncertainties, which means that actual developments may differ from those expected.

Dividend policy

MT Højgaard Holding endeavours to pay dividends taking into account the need for debt reduction as well as the Group’s liquidity forecast and equity ratio.
We pay dividends according to the following guidelines:

  • At an equity ratio of 20-30%, the company aims to pay out 25-30% of the profit for the year.
  • At an equity ratio of over 30%, the company aims to pay out at least 50% of the profit for the year.