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At MT Højgaard Holding and our subsidiaries, we place great emphasis on behaving professionally, credibly and responsibly in all our activities. Clients, business partners, suppliers and employees all have the opportunity to contact us if they suspect illegal behaviour, complaints or concerns in relation to our activities. There are several ways to contact us, depending on the nature of the enquiry.


The whistleblower scheme can be used for serious offences within EU law and it is possible to report incidents anonymously. The scheme can be used in the following main areas:

  • Ethical offences, including bribery and corruption
  • Financial offences, including money laundering
  • Health and safety issues
  • Accounting and reporting irregularities
  • Discrimination, harassment and abusive behaviour
  • Environmental and climate offences
  • Human rights and labour rights violations

The whistleblower scheme cannot be used to report personal conflicts that are not a direct violation of applicable laws or our internal policies.

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Other complaints

This complaint option can be used for less serious incidents that do not fall under the whistleblower scheme. The complaints are handled by the Group’s internal control function. If subject-specific competences are needed, relevant experts will be contacted after prior approval. It is possible for both internal and external parties to report concerns, incidents or nuisances, whether one-off or repeated. Inquiries can include topics such as neighbour complaints, working conditions, safety, discrimination, harassment, violence and threats or other issues affecting well-being, environment or rights.

The complaint option cannot be used for matters related to daily operations or general disagreements within teams or projects. Complaints about work performed or defects must be directed to the contact number of the company that performed the work.

Complaints can be submitted via the following email address: